Death Angel
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Death Angel

Death Angel (Average 2.08 / 5 out of 6)
Alternative Titles: 데스엔젤 / Angel of Death (Eroticthink)

Synopsis Death Angel

Sami is a university student who has a secret she can’t tell anyone. But that is about to change. After helping an older gentleman pass away, the police connect her to his death and start to investigate her past. Detective Shin is really good at his job and is the one who discovers the truth. When he decides to interrogate the suspect, he finds a young, sexy woman who has a lot of scars. The interest is mutual but neither wants to take the first step. Has Sami finally met the man who can save her from this curse? Or will history repeat itself again? Sami doesn’t want to keep her hopes up but her life as an angel of death might finally come to an end.


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