Don’t Rub It Against Me There…!
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Don’t Rub It Against Me There…!

Don’t Rub It Against Me There…! (Average 2.1 / 5 out of 5)
Alternative Titles: Don’t Rub It Against Me There...! Dirty Thrills Under Grinding Frills! Deep Penetration and Instant Orgasm Sex / 大事なところグリグリしないでぇ…!パンツが擦れてヤラシイ刺激。奥まで食い込む即イキSEX

Synopsis Don’t Rub It Against Me There…!

“Stop it…! Don’t rub it against me there anymore…!” I’m on pool cleaning duty with this guy in my class today… but I forgot to wear a bra to school! I’ve been so sweaty, and my white blouse has been sticking to my skin so much you can see my nipples poking through! To make matters worse, this idiot boy decides to get carried away with his work, and sprays me with water, leaving me totally soaked! And now, on top of THAT, he’s got his water hose wedged between my legs, and it’s grinding against my crotch… I can’t stop making these weird noises! This freaking idiot’s teasing has gotten my pussy so soaking wet, no matter how hard I try I can’t resist how good it feels… I keep cumming again and again…!!”


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