Don't Think I'm That Easy
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Don't Think I'm That Easy

Don't Think I'm That Easy (Average 4 / 5 out of 20)
Alternative Titles: 佐々木、俺は甘くはないからな。, Sasaki Ore ha Amakuha Naikarana

Synopsis Don't Think I'm That Easy

Yui Sasaki is a closet fangirl who lives for the 2D world and its hotties. She daydreams about love and wants nothing more than to experience a beautiful romance, but she’s never had a boyfriend before. One day, her strict boss Kazuki Takase finds out that she’s been listening to a kinky CD and says something absolutely unforgivable! He tells Yui that love is meaningless which greatly angers her. Starting from that moment, she vows to teach him just how wonderful love can be… but could it be that she’s about to get more than she’d bargained for!?

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