Flowers of War
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Flowers of War

Flowers of War (Average 1.88 / 5 out of 12)
Alternative Titles: Flowers of War / Rompiendo la maldición de la Infertilidad / What is pregnancy?

Synopsis Flowers of War

Hong Doo-Kke, who lives on a secluded island to escape the Imjin War, ventures into the sea on the anniversary of his father’s death to find a sea anemone. However, he is reborn into an alternate Joseon era in another world…!

In this alternate Joseon era, a curse afflicts men, causing their descendants to wither. Reincarnated as Hong Doo-Kke, he faces a challenging trial alongside Princess Somyeong to overcome this curse.

Will Hong Doo-Kke be able to break the curse of this alternate Joseon era and ascend to the throne?


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