Half-Ripe Cherry
Status Completed
Type Manga

Half-Ripe Cherry

Half-Ripe Cherry (Average 4 / 5 out of 15)
Alternative Titles: はんじゅくチェリー, Hanji-yuku Cherii

Synopsis Half-Ripe Cherry

At this school, Tokura is the only girl that keeps the guys on their toes. A tall, stone-cold betty, Tokura presents a hard exterior and leaves all the weak guys at school afraid to talk to her. Sawarura though, while not that popular, thinks she’s a total bombshell and finds her trying to coax a cuddle from a neighborhood stray kitty. Shedding her cool attitude, Tokura’s face blushes, showing off her kind-hearted nature, and the two bonds over their love of cats. As a storm rolls in, the two take shelter and with the sound of thunder booming down, Tokura purrs up to Sawarura, sinking her claws into her newly found pet!

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