Hottie in the Ring
Status Completed
Type Manhwa

Hottie in the Ring

Hottie in the Ring (Average 2.7 / 5 out of 5)
Alternative Titles: 쪼여줄게 / Body Choke / I'll Tighten It for You

Synopsis Hottie in the Ring

Yoo Sora has been single ever since her ex-boyfriend Kim Woojin cruelly ghosted her. When Woojin shows up out of the blue asking for a favor, Sora is reluctant, but willing to help for the sake of old times. He owes money to some powerful gangsters, and to pay it back all she has to do is participate in a wrestling event while wearing a bikini. Seems easy enough…but why is this alley so dark and shady. And Why is Woojin’s expression suddenly so cold…?


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