I Want to Be an Alpha Raw
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

I Want to Be an Alpha Raw

I Want to Be an Alpha Raw (Average 4.5 / 5 out of 7)
Alternative Titles: Quiero ser un alfa / 알파가 되고 싶어

Synopsis I Want to Be an Alpha Raw

"Seong-Min" has lived a life without contact with women. He was full of anticipation that he might start a relationship after getting a job, but the only thing he greeted Seong-Min, who was exhausted after work, was an empty corner of the house. In the meantime, a strange article I found in the community. He snorted when he heard that alpha males dominated women, but the words kept echoing in Seong-Min's mind. Finally, Seong-Min has a nightmare of losing his girlfriend to an alpha male. Thinking that I can't be eliminated like this, I am determined to change...

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