Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa


Landlord (Average 2.92 / 5 out of 6)
Alternative Titles: 갓물주 / Vino Dulce de Agua

Synopsis Landlord

Featuring a virgin part-time convenience store worker, Yoon Hyuk, who experiences a sudden windfall in his mundane life when he wins the lotto!

Just like that, he becomes a landlord. But just when he thinks the only thing left is to confess to his crush, he learns that his crush prefers guys who are waxed. Determined to win her heart, he decides to visit his high school friend Ha-eun’s waxing shop. As he gets waxed, Haeun’s sensual touch makes him feel turned on, though he’s also feeling quite embarrassed. At that moment, he prays that the experience will end soon…

And then, unexpectedly, Haeun makes a sudden offer when she sees what’s going on down there: “You look a bit uncomfortable… Do you want me to help you?”


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