Mother, I'm Sorry
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Mother, I'm Sorry

Mother, I'm Sorry (Average 4 / 5 out of 16)
Alternative Titles: Mamamaaf / Mamma Mian / 媽媽咪安 / 我的妈妈是校花 / 맘마미안

Synopsis Mother, I'm Sorry

Gong Hyochan’s world was turned upside down when he finally learned about his mother’s terminal diagnosis. After all, they had no one else but each other in this whole world. He had always taken his mother’s love for granted, but it was now too late to make amends. Or was it? A mysterious man approached him at his mother’s bedside, offering to give his mother a new life at the cost of his own lifespan. The desperate Hyochan made the deal and 50-year-old Yeon Geum-ok was given a second chance in life. The catch? She was now younger than her own son!

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