My Neighbor's Widow Raw
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

My Neighbor's Widow Raw

My Neighbor's Widow Raw (Average 3.51 / 5 out of 13)
Alternative Titles: La Viuda de mi Vecina

Synopsis My Neighbor's Widow Raw

After losing his mother, Alaric begins a desperate search to find someone who knows something about her. This is how he discovers the existence of Natasha Romanoff, a mysterious woman who had a very close friendship with her mother. Alaric decides to find Natasha to discover more about her mother, but what he never imagined is that upon meeting her he would feel an irresistible attraction towards her. However, Alaric denies his feelings due to the large age difference and the friendship his mother had with Natasha. But life has a path full of surprises and unexpected turns. Natasha is hiding a dark secret and Alaric, by befriending her friend's daughter, Susan, begins to uncover it. Friendship with Susan's daughter brings a wave of emotions and confusing feelings for Alaric. Will he be able to accept his feelings for Natasha? Will he be able to protect Susan and discover the secret that Natasha is hiding? Will Alaric be able to overcome the obstacles and find the happiness he seeks so much?


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