Pleasure Chamber
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Pleasure Chamber

Pleasure Chamber (Average 3.5 / 5 out of 8)
Alternative Titles: 열락의 침실 / A Bedroom in the Open / Bedroom Of Pleasure / Delightful Bedroom

Synopsis Pleasure Chamber

What is a girl to do when her irresponsible brother gets the family in another bind, this time to the tune of half a million dollars?! Kim Shihyun hasn’t had an easy life and her brother isn’t making it any easier. Luckily for Shihyun, she has a solution. She just has to give up a year of her life to her cold, heartless, ex-husband in exchange for the money. This is far from ideal but Shihyun has no choice but to take this offer. But will this mean her life will revert back to her being a doll, living and acting according to her ex-husband’s wishes? Or will she be able to somehow break out of her gilded cage and finally set herself free?

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