Sadistic Beauty
Status Completed
Type Manhwa

Sadistic Beauty

Sadistic Beauty (Average 3.95 / 5 out of 21)
Alternative Titles: Beleza Sádica ; Saediseutig Byuti ; Прелести садизма ; 새디스틱 뷰티 ; サディスティック・ビューティー 虐美人

Synopsis Sadistic Beauty

What happens when two guys and a dashing girl meet? Beats me, but it doesn’t sound romantic. Or does it? Depending on your definition of romantic, Doona’s sadistic ways might be the most romantic thing a guy could want! The lives of two men are thrown into chaos when the sexy Chun Duna returns to town. On one end is student Woo Haesol whose timid nature reveals a man just begging to be dominated. On the other is Professor Byun Minho, a male chauvinist who bitterly views Duna as his mortal enemy. Tempers flare as pain turns into pleasure under the watchful eye of a sadistic beauty.

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