Sword Sheath's Child
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Sword Sheath's Child

Sword Sheath's Child (Average 4.3 / 5 out of 26)
Alternative Titles: Child of the House of Blades ; Galjib'eui Ai ; Kenshou no Ko ; Дитя дома клинков ; 칼집의 아이 ; 剣鞘の子

Synopsis Sword Sheath's Child

Bira is a kid who loves fishing, living, and wandering in the wilderness with his dwarf grandfather. One day, his grandfather tells Bira to wait for him in the Northern part of the forest and disappears. Bira waits for many years living in the forest while befriending a family of bears and staying away from humans, just as his grandfather had warned him to do. By chance, he meets and saves Tanyu’s life and later becomes friends with him. Upon hearing his friend going on a dangerous mission, Bira leaves the forest for the world outside to save his Tanyu.

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