The Quiet Girl’s Erogenous Zone
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

The Quiet Girl’s Erogenous Zone

The Quiet Girl’s Erogenous Zone (Average 2.33 / 5 out of 16)
Alternative Titles: 無口な彼女の性感帯~声は出さないけど身体は正直だね、ずぶ濡れだよ / 말 없는 그녀의 성감대 / Mukuchi na Kanojo no Seikantai: Koe wa Dasanai Kedo Karada wa Shoujiki da ne, Zubunure da yo

Synopsis The Quiet Girl’s Erogenous Zone

Sympathizing with him, I invited him to my house and took off his worn-out clothes in the dressing room, but what I saw underneath his clothes were… beautiful boobs that a man shouldn’t have!? What’s more, that night, for some reason, I ended up sleeping together with her! I was so shaken that I shouted, “What if I asked you to let me touch you for letting you stay in my house?” and her answer was, “Go ahead.” I took off her clothes and saw good-looking breasts that I had seen in the dressing room earlier. Excited, I stroked her pussy with my fingers, and it was already soaking wet. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I took off my pants. She grabbed my dick with her beautiful fingers and put it in her dripping wet pussy…


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