The Villainess Lives Twice
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

The Villainess Lives Twice

The Villainess Lives Twice (Average 4.5 / 5 out of 13)
Alternative Titles: 악녀는 두 번 산다 / The Villainess Lives Again / La villana vive dos veces / La vilaine vit encore / La vilaine vit deux fois

Synopsis The Villainess Lives Twice

Returning back to her 18 years old self, Artizea decides to become a villainess for the sake of Grand duke Cedrick.“Please propose to me. I’ll make you the Emperor.” In return for kneeling to the devil, You’re getting a devil that will dirty its hand instead of you. “Tia, your brother has to do well for you to do well.” By committing all sorts of evil acts, she made her brother the emperor. But her dedication was rewarded with betrayal. At the brink of death, the one who extended a helping hand was her arch nemesis, the righteous Grand Duke Cedric. “Devise a plan.” “…” “I can’t think of anyone else who could turn the tables in this situation, Lady Rozan.” “…” “Lend me your strength.” It wasn’t possible to restore the balance of power for an empire that was already falling into ruin, but there was a way… to turn back time before everything went wrong. With her blood and tears, she sacrifices her own body to cast ancient magic in order to turn back time. This time, she wouldn’t fail. Returning back to her 18-year-old self, Artezia resolves to become the villainess for Grand Duke Cedric. “Please ask for my hand in marriage. I will make you the Emperor.”

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