Who Made Me a Princess
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Who Made Me a Princess

Who Made Me a Princess (Average 4.71 / 5 out of 30)
Alternative Titles: 어느 날 공주가 되어버렸다

Synopsis Who Made Me a Princess

When I opened my eyes, I had become a princess! But out of all the characters from this romance novel to be reborn into, why must it be the princess whose fate it is to die at the hands of her own blood-related father, the emperor?! If I want to live, I must never enter his sight. However… “Since when did this kind of scumbag start living in my castle?” Without a single tear to shed nor a drop of blood to spill, that cruel and cold emperor, Claude! Will I, the Princess Athanasia who was caught by him, survive? “I… What should I do…”

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